Medicine Virtual Transformation- Old(Medneta)

Medneta Mission!

  • Empowering health sciences researchers and educators to collaborate and innovate together in research and clinical trials.

  • Promoting health sciences and community health with public health events and initiatives.


Collaborative features to enable health reserachers and educators to form thier own private group to share, discuss, and collectively work on a reserach, clinical trial, medical case, and more.

Sharing Ideas

Share ideas with other members or members of your group.


Forum Discussion

Start a discussion with all or members of your group.


Document Library

Store and share your research documents with your group.


Media Sharing

Post and share health research papers, images and videos.



Send messages to a member or your entire group.



Health researchers and educators directory to connect with others.

Serving Our Communities Together!

Inviting you to join us with your ideas for community health initiatives and services in your community!



Connect, Collaborate and Innovate with other health professionals!

Health Educators

Network and collaborate with other health educators and institutions in developing health programs and access to grants and research opportunities.

Clinical Trial

Reach out to other health professionals and join resources to collaborate in clinical trial projects, clinical trial sourcing, data gathering,  and data anaysis.

Health Researchers

Form or join a research group and reach out to global resources of other professionals to expand your network and advance your opportunities.

Community Health

Promote your profession and opportunities and build local alliances with your community groups while contributing to public health initiatives and health presentation.

Health educators and researchers!

Connect and create new opportunities with other health professionals.